Adjustable Patio Covers Enhance Backyards with Function and Beauty

Operable PergolaAdjustable patio covers can turn outside spaces that are boring and lifeless into beautiful, covered oases that are inspiring and functional. TEMO, one of the leaders in the outdoor living manufacturing industry, proudly supplies these products for homeowners throughout the country. An adjustable patio cover has the ability to function as a pergola and as a patio cover. When you want to enjoy the structure as a pergola, all you need to do is open up the roofing panels to enjoy sunshine and clear views. And, when the weather is stormy or the sun’s rays are too intense, simply close the panels to form the solid roof of a patio cover to receive protection from the elements.

Our adjustable patio covers come with many features to enhance their durability and beauty, including:

  • Slow-motion motors that easily open and close the panels using a 500-lb push/pull force
  • Electrical raceways that hide the power cable, offering a clean, streamlined appearance
  • Heavy-gauge extruded aluminum constructions that offer superior durability over roll-formed aluminum, wood, or vinyl
  • Sturdy roofing panels that have large spans to provide clear, unobstructed views
  • Extruded louvers that feature a return lip designed to reduce post-rain dripping
  • And more

Your louvered patio roof can offer shade over patio furniture, a pool deck, a BBQ, a hot tub, a garden, or nearly any other outside space. You’ll have the added benefit of controlling the amount of sunlight and shade the area underneath the cover receives, ensuring you make the most out of your time in your backyard. What’s more, we provide a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured your investment is well protected.

If you would like to receive more information on our adjustable patio covers, contact TEMO today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.