An All Season Sunroom Provides Many Benefits to Homeowners

An all season sunroom is an enclosure that can be used comfortably throughout the year, from brutally hot summer days to frosty winter nights. So, you can host a Fourth of July shindig without your guests sweltering from the heat, as well as a holiday gathering with the snow falling outside to provide a sensational backdrop. With a sunroom installed, you open up your home to endless possibilities!

It’s important to be aware that not every enclosure you see is an all season sunroom. In fact, specific factors set this type of enclosure apart from the rest, such as having energy-efficient windows surrounding the room. Windows that have insulated glazing and tempered glass are the best option for your new addition, as this means they will decrease solar heat gain to keep your room cool and comfortable in the summer. And, in the winter, these windows will help to retain the heat generated by your heating system to keep the room toasty and warm.

TEMO is one of the most popular manufacturers of outdoor living products in the country, and our all season sunrooms are top of the line. They feature energy-efficient windows, as well as insulated roofs to provide further thermal protection. Plus, our sunrooms are constructed with extruded aluminum components so they are highly durable and stand strong through all of nature’s elements. In fact, our sunrooms can handle heavy winds up to 110 mph!

To speak to a TEMO representative about an all season sunroom for your home, contact us today. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout the United States.