Attached Pergola Designs from TEMO for Homeowners throughout the United States

Build It Once – won’t peel, crack, rust, or rot

The attached pergola designs from TEMO can turn your patio or deck from an uncovered space that is too hot and uncomfortable to use into a covered and beautiful oasis. Featuring an exquisite Mediterranean design and a lattice roof that offers partial protection from the sun, an attached pergola is exactly the upgrade your backyard needs. Pergolas function perfectly over patio furniture, barbeques, pool decks, hot tubs, and other outdoor recreation areas, allowing you to make better use of your backyard and enjoy your home even more fully.

An attached pergola is fastened directly to the exterior of a home, extending its overall living space and forming a protective covering over a patio or deck. Best of all, due to our strict engineering processes, our pergolas are incredibly durable and built to last for decades. They are constructed with the following features:

  • Extruded aluminum components that will maintain structural integrity for many years
  • Curved lattice roofs, which provide better protection from the sun than other partial-shade products
  • Electrostatic finishes that won’t peel, crack, or warp and are easy to maintain
  • A snap-fit design that is easy to install and offers a clean, streamlined appearance free of screws and nail holes

Along with our attached pergola designs, we also manufacture garden arbors and free standing pergolas. As their name suggests, garden arbors are perfect to offer shade and protection over a garden and come with an open-beam design to allow for climbing vines. Our free standing pergolas can be placed anywhere around your property – even the entranceway of your home.

If you’d like to learn more about our attached pergola designs, or about any of our other pergola designs, contact TEMO today and we’ll be pleased to answer your questions. We serve homeowners across the United States.