How to Build an Outdoor Pergola in as Little as a Weekend

Build It Once – won’t peel, crack, rust, or rot

Do you want to know how to build an outdoor pergola at your property? When you install a pergola from TEMO, you could complete this project in one weekend. Our systems are pre-manufactured to be easy to install, perfect for homeowners who love tackling DIY projects. We’ll provide you with all of the materials, resources, and information you need so you can quickly install your pergola. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful place to relax in your backyard.

At TEMO, we offer three installation options, allowing you to choose exactly how you want to build your pergola:

  • Do It Yourself – You control the entire installation. We’ll simply sell you the product and you assemble it yourself.
  • Do It Yourself PLUS – With this option, we’ll provide you with a list of TEMO-certified authorized contractors who can provide assistance during installation, should you require it.
  • Full Service – Not interested in the do-it-yourself avenue? No problem! We have authorized contractors located throughout the United States who can take care of the entire project for you – even jobsite cleanup at the end.

Choosing a pergola from TEMO means more than getting a product that’s easy to install – you’re also getting a product that will last for decades at your home. Our pergolas are crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, which has maximum strength and outperforms both roll-form aluminum and vinyl. They come in an electrostatic finish that is low maintenance and won’t require hours of upkeep. What’s more, our pergolas also feature a curved lattice roof that offers more protection from the sun than other partial-shade products. All in all, you’re getting a well-made product that you can enjoy for years and years.

Turn to TEMO for pergolas that are easy to install and are long lasting. Contact us today to get your project started.