An Enclosed Patio from TEMO is a Wonderful Investment for Your Home

An enclosed patio allows you and your family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, protected from harmful UV rays and troublesome insects. Instead of slapping away mosquitos while hosting a family get-together or worrying about sunburn while reading a gripping novel, you can sit back and relax peacefully for hours and hours. TEMO Sunrooms, one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor living products, proudly supplies enclosed patios for homeowners across the United States.

When you turn to TEMO for an enclosed patio, our design experts will talk to you about the two options you can choose from, which are:

  • Sunrooms – Enjoy total protection from the elements in a TEMO sunroom that is equipped with energy-efficient windows, a thermal roof, and TEMKOR surfacing that resists damage. Available in multiple styles, like cathedral and solarium, our sunrooms will complement your home beautifully.
  • Screen rooms – Want to feel a breeze in your enclosure? A TEMO screen room is a great option that allows you to enjoy a gentle, refreshing breeze as you relax. You’ll also have your choice of screening options, including a pet screen that is perfect for homeowners with household animals.

Additionally, at TEMO, our enclosed patio additions are designed to be easy to install for homeowners who enjoy tackling a do-it-yourself project. You’ll buy our product at a wholesale price and then handle the entire installation yourself. But, should you prefer that a professional install the enclosure, we have TEMO-certified authorized dealers located throughout the country who can take care of the project.

Contact TEMO today to learn more about the enclosed patio additions we offer to homeowners throughout the United States.