Garden Rooms from TEMO Come in a Variety of Styles

TEMO manufactures energy-efficient and durable garden rooms for homeowners throughout the United States. A garden room can increase your home’s overall living space, providing an area where you can enjoy the beautiful views of your backyard without dealing with common outside nuisances, like bugs, UV rays, and inclement weather. Our garden rooms can be beautiful spaces to cultivate herb or flower gardens, though they can also function as entertainment rooms, home offices, playrooms, breakfast nooks, or anything else you desire. The options are nearly endless!

At TEMO, we manufacture garden room additions in many styles, including:

  • Solarium
  • Conservatory
  • Studio
  • Cathedral
  • California
  • Custom designs

What’s more, our garden rooms feature durable TEMKOR interior/exterior surfacing that protects against damage, ensuring they remain in like-new condition for decades. They also come equipped with thermal wall systems, high-performance glass, and insulated roofs, which help to reflect solar heat in the summertime and retain the heat generated by your heating system in the wintertime. So, no matter the season, your sunroom will be a comfortable place to relax in – without being a strain on your HVAC unit.

Best of all, because we believe in the long-lasting quality of our products, we provide a limited lifetime transferable warranty to protect your investment.

Contact TEMO today to learn more about our garden rooms. When you do, we’ll be happy to connect you with a TEMO-certified authorized contractor in your area who can complete the installation for you.