Durable Operable Pergolas from the Outdoor Living Manufacturing Leader – TEMO

Operable PergolaOperable pergolas are beautiful and functional structural elements for backyards. Offering the benefit of being a pergola and a patio cover, an operable pergola can enhance your backyard, providing sunlight and beautiful views when the roof is opened and complete shade when closed. TEMO, one of the leading manufacturers in the outdoor living industry, is proud to supply operable pergolas to homeowners across the United States.

At TEMO, we’ve been a leading name in the outdoor living industry since 1970, which means you can trust we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to craft products that stand the test of time. This excellence extends to our operable pergolas, which have been created to be resilient and able to handle nearly anything nature throws its way, from heavy winds and rain to snowfall and hail. Some of the features you can expect from a TEMO operable pergola include:

  • A heavy-gauge extruded aluminum construction that will provide maximum durability
  • Sturdy columns in three Italian-inspired design styles: Roma, Florentine, and Venetian
  • TEMKOR corbels capped at the ends of the rafters and beams, which provide additional strength
  • Extruded louvers that feature a return lip to channel the flow of rainwater and lessen the amount of post-rain dripping
  • A slow-motion motor that has a 500-lb push/pull force to allow for easy opening and closing of the roof

Our operable pergolas come in our exclusive snap-fit design, which makes installation simple. This means that handy homeowners can install their pergola themselves, saving significantly on cost. But, for homeowners who may not have the time or desire to perform a pergola installation, we can connect you with one of our TEMO-certified authorized dealers to take care of the entire project for you.

Contact TEMO today to learn more about our operable pergolas. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions.