Install a Patio Cover to Shade Your Deck and Experience Your Backyard in an Entirely New Way

A patio cover provides shade and protection from the sun and inclement weather, making it a wonderful addition to your backyard. If you’re thinking about installing a patio cover at your property to boost your backyard’s appeal, allow TEMO to be of service. We have been a leading supplier of outdoor living products since 1970, and our patio covers are manufactured using top engineering standards. You can count on your patio cover to stand the test of time at your home because we construct them to do that very thing.

Here are some of the features we build into the patio covers we manufacture:

  • Extruded aluminum components – Unlike subpar materials like roll-form aluminum or wood, extruded aluminum provides maximum strength and durability, so it will stand up to the weather, wayward baseballs, and so much more without damaging.
  • Thermal roofs – These roofs deflect the sun’s heat, making sure your patio area is cool and comfortable, even during the summer.
  • Electrostatic finishes – This type of finish is low maintenance and doesn’t require constant upkeep or re-paintings, as opposed to a liquid paint finish. It will also resist peeling, cracking, fading, and more.

Your patio cover can provide shade over a pool deck, a hot tub, a garden, patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, or any other outdoor recreation spot you desire, allowing you to enjoy your time outside for hours and hours. Worrying about your kids getting sunburnt or a sudden rainstorm ruining your picnic will no longer be a concern. With a patio cover, every day is perfect to be outside!

If you would like to install a patio cover to shade your deck or patio area, contact TEMO today and one of our friendly representatives can help you get started with your backyard renovation.