Porch Covers – An Easy Way to Add Shade and Protection from the Elements in Your Backyard

Homeowners who install porch covers are typically pleased at the amount of shade these products provide. After all, instead of sweltering in the heat while barbequing outside, wouldn’t you rather relax under the protective shade of a porch cover? TEMO, a leading patio product manufacturer, supplies these products to homeowners throughout the United States, and we’ll be happy to discuss renovating your property with a porch cover.

When you turn to TEMO for porch covers, you can be certain you’re receiving a high-quality product. We’ve been in the patio product manufacturing business since 1970, so we know what it takes to build a durable structure that stands the test of time. A TEMO porch cover is:

  • Made with extruded aluminum, a material that is superior to roll-form aluminum, vinyl, or wood
  • Coated in a low-maintenance electrostatic finish that won’t peel, chip, fade, or otherwise deteriorate over the years
  • Characterized by a solid thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat, keeping your porch cool and comfortable throughout the seasons
  • Supported by columns that are reminiscent of the rich architectural history of Italy in Roma, Florentine, and Venetian styles

Our porch covers can be easily installed by our customers, as they come in a snap-fit design that allows for quick installation. But, should you not have the time or desire to install the cover yourself, we have certified TEMO contractors located all across the United States who can perform the task for you.

To learn more about our porch covers and installation programs, contact TEMO today. One of our friendly representatives will be pleased to answer your questions.