Screen Porch Enclosures in Three Versatile Styles for Homeowners throughout the United States

TEMO manufactures screen porch enclosures for homeowners across the nation, helping them make the most out of their homes. We have manufactured screen porches, along with other outdoor living additions like sunrooms and pergolas, since 1970, and, over the years, we have perfected our engineering standards. This means that the screen porches we supply are the best of the best, truly standing the test of time.

At TEMO, our screen porch enclosures are available in three versatile styles:

  • Upgradable – This screen porch comes in studio and cathedral styles, either of which can be converted into a TEMO sunroom if this is something you desire in the future.
  • Non-upgradable – Our most basic screen porch that has a standard storm door, lightweight vinyl sashes, and large window openings.
  • Vertical retro – This enclosure features a 2” RETROFIT system and vertical, three-lite, spring-loaded sashes, converting any porch or gazebo into a screen porch.

What’s more, our screen porches come with many fantastic features to ensure they provide durability and comfort through the years. They are constructed from sturdy extruded aluminum, come with thermal roofs that deflect the sun’s heat, and have large window openings that offer maximum ventilation and impressive views.

In addition, we’re pleased to protect your screen porch investment by providing a generous limited lifetime transferable warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about our screen porch enclosures, contact TEMO today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be pleased to tell you more. We can even connect you with a TEMO-certified authorized contractor located near you to install the enclosure. Our contractors are factory trained by us and will ensure your structure is installed according to our best-practice guidelines.