Ultimate Screen Rooms from TEMO with Wind, Rain, and UV Protection

Other screen rooms simply don’t offer the superior features built into each Ultimate Screen Room from TEMO. Our Ultimate Screen Room features high-quality vinyl sashes that protect against the elements like wind and rain and block up to 99 percent of all harmful UV rays. Protection from the sun doesn’t stop there, however, as our screen rooms all have solid thermal roofs that deflect the sun’s heat, providing an unmatched level of protection and comfort.

Our screen rooms come in two styles:

  • Studio
    • Ideal for one- and two-story homes
    • Easy to install
    • Gentle roof pitch
    • Available in 1-wall, 2-wall, and 3-wall configurations
  • Low Cathedral
    • Attractive vaulted ceiling that is a good match for traditional construction
    • Lower back wall height for single-story homes
    • Glass top and bottom wall options available

The beauty of our Ultimate Screen Room is that it provides homeowners with a living space ideal for enjoying the great outdoors when the weather allows it. On a bright sunny day, you can simply remove the lightweight sashes for maximum views and full ventilation.

Additionally, our screen rooms give you the flexibility you need if you’re looking to add a sunroom down the road. All you have to do is upgrade your sashes with TEMO’s state-of-the-art HPG 2000 glass, and your Ultimate Screen Room becomes the sunroom of your dreams.

For additional information about our selection of screen rooms or our other available products, please contact us today.