Why Do I Need a Sunroom?

As homeowners, we love nothing better than relaxing in our own backyards. It’s as much a part of American culture as apple pie and the Super Bowl.

Spending time with Mother Nature is gloriously refreshing, but we know she has her mean side. There’s blazing sun in the summer with potential damage from UV rays, rain, wind and temperatures that fluctuate throughout the seasons. And seasons that in many climates can be just too short.

If we waited to enjoy the outdoors only on days that provided the perfect conditions, we could probably count the days we truly enjoyed the outdoor experience on one hand.

And of course, there’s the biggest problem of all – bugs. Insects are not just to blame for spoiled outdoor parties, picnics and evenings of romantic stargazing – they can pose serious health threats to people, especially children and seniors, as well as our pets.

The concept of the sunroom evolved out of our frustration with wanting to be outside, but having to deal with what we at TEMO call “the outdoor tragedy.”