How a Sunroom Can be Used

From your morning cup of coffee with a serenade of songbirds… to a room for the kids to play protected from UV rays and insects… to an afternoon nap during a rain shower…to dinner with friends… or a private dip in the spa and romantic midnight stargazing… you’ll find that your sunroom quickly becomes the most favorite room in the house.

Its versatility is driven by your imagination.

Built to offer the maximum in environment control to keep you comfortable, with superior features to make the room maintenance-free and easy to use…everything has been done for you.

Simply open the door, and let the good life begin!

Here are just some of the many ways homeowners enjoy using a TEMO sunroom:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner room
  • Playroom for kids
  • Place to work
  • Exercise room
  • Reading room
  • Place to knit or do crafts
  • Place to enjoy a spa
  • Entertaining for holidays, birthdays, special occasions
  • Game room
  • Naps
  • Protected room for pets to enjoy sun and fresh air
  • Sunny place to grow plants
  • Smoking room, separate from the house
  • Watch TV, listen to music