A Sunroom Roof that Stands Apart from the Rest – TEMO

In 1971, TEMO revolutionized the industry with the first ever thermal sunroom roof. Since then, we have developed two styles, architectural and standard. Each features the structural and engineering innovations we’ve developed for increased strength, insulation, weather protection, and maintenance-free convenience. Our sunroom roofs feature a layer of high-density structural thermal foam made from expanded polystyrene, which ensures maximum thermal protection and energy efficiency.

Integrated gutter system

Integrated gutter system

Our sunroom roofs offer features such as:

  • Standard
      • Easy to flash to the roof
      • Flat seam
      • Vinyl roof cleat that’s designed to stylishly conceal the interior seam for enhanced aesthetics
      • Thermally broken hanging rail roof, expertly designed to reduce cold transfer to the roof
    Standing roof seam w/ aluminum cleat

    Standing roof seam w/ aluminum cleat

    • Electrostatically applied roof coating that adds luster while protecting against fading, corrosion, and scratches
    • Internal locking tongue-and-groove connection system that provides structural integrity and extends the life of the roof
  • Architectural
    • Standing roof seam that allows for the most effective protection against the elements and seasonal expansion
    • Elegant, high-end look and feel
    • Thicker grade aluminum extruded gutter system
Tongue and groove roof panels

Tongue and groove roof panels

Our state-of-the-art thermal roofs are just one of the many components that help separate TEMO sunrooms from the competition. We put the same innovative thinking into the development of our sunroom glass, doors, and decks.

To learn more about the TEMO sunroom roof or for information about our various sunroom designs, please contact us today.