Want to Install a Sunroom on Your Deck? Turn to TEMO

Installing a sunroom on your deck is a fantastic way to ensure you can enjoy your backyard throughout the year. Just imagine – you won’t have to worry about a sudden rainstorm disrupting your family gathering or fret about insects buzzing around you and your guests during a Fourth of July get-together. Instead, you can host parties and simply relax inside your sunroom, enjoying the beautiful views without having to take the weather into consideration.

TEMO is one of the leading outdoor living suppliers in the country, and we have been building sunrooms since 1970. Our engineering process far exceeds our competitors, simply because we’ve had more time to perfect it. We understand the intricacies involved in building a long-lasting, energy-efficient sunroom. So, when you install one on your deck, you can be assured that it will come with the following features:

  • A tough, thermal roof – This roof will deflect the sun’s heat, so that the room remains comfortable even during the summer. Our roofs also come in a coating that resists scratching, fading, and corrosion.
  • Extruded aluminum components – We strive to build our sunrooms with the very best material on the market, which is why we use extruded aluminum. This hardwearing metal has enhanced strength and durability and will outperform a subpar material like vinyl or roll-form aluminum.
  • TEMKOR surfacing – This interior/exterior cladding protects against damage, like chalking, fading, and denting, so your sunroom remains in like-new condition for decades.

Our sunrooms are available in multiple styles, including studio, cathedral, solarium, conservatory, and Santa Fe. We’ll be pleased to discuss your plans to install a sunroom on your deck, so contact TEMO today to get your questions answered. We can even connect you with a TEMO-certified authorized contractor in your area to perform the installation.