Upgradable Screen Room

upgradableProtect yourself from the insects with the Ultimate Screen Room from TEMO.  Our thermal roof shields you from the hot sun and our full screens let you enjoy both the view and the breeze on a beautiful day.

Even rainy days aren’t a problem with TEMO’s Ultimate screen room.  While bad weather may keep you from enjoying other screen rooms, the Ultimate includes lightweight, removable vinyl sashes that provide wind, rain & UV protection when you need it.  That means there’ll be more days when you can enjoy your screen room from early spring through late fall.

The Ultimate screen room is designed to compliment every home.  It is available in the Studio and Cathedral styles, in white or sandstone.  You also have a choice of removable vinyl sashes, either large horizontal sliders or three and four light vertical sliders.  A large 42 x 86 inch swing door gives you easy access to the inside.