Are Pergolas Good for Shade?

The humble pergola has been gracing homes, courtyards, and backyards for hundreds of years. Its elegant design is simple, functional, and beautiful, plus it’s so versatile that it can fit in with almost any design scheme. However, some people see the lattice roof of a pergola and wonder if it’s good for shade, or if pergolas are more for decoration.

Making Lattices Work for You

It’s true that the lattices that make up the roof of a pergola don’t provide the total shade of a solid-roof patio cover. The solid-roof design provides permanent total shade, which can be very beneficial in certain areas of your yard. If completely blocking UV light is the most important thing to you, then pergolas simply aren’t the best option.

But many homeowners find that maximizing their comfort doesn’t necessarily mean total shade. There are many areas of a yard to consider and, depending on where you place your pergola, you might find that they provide a “just right” level of light. In fact, many people find that they actually prefer partial shade and that full shade is unnecessary.

Another important consideration is airflow. Pergolas are uniquely able to allow breezes to blow through them, which can have a more profound cooling effect than shade alone. In more humid climates, resting beneath a pergola can feel cooler than other shade structures.

Operable Pergolas

Besides lattice and solid roofs, there is another option for homeowners: operable pergolas.  If you simply can’t choose between a solid roof and breezy latticework, operable pergolas give you the power to have either option at the push of a button. Close the lattices when you need full shade and open them for fresh air and partial shade.

Trust TEMO for Your Pergola, Patio Cover, or Operable Pergola

No matter what shade structure works best for your yard, you should turn to TEMO Sunrooms. Our industry-leading outdoor products are customizable, can be installed quickly, and come with a lifetime transferable warranty. Plus, our pergolas feature an innovative and exclusive curved lattice design that provides better UV protection than other pergolas.

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