Attached Pergolas Madison WI

Madison, WI, Homeowners Love Our Attached Pergolas

An attached pergola made by the outdoor living experts at TEMO would make a great addition to your home in Madison, Wisconsin. Our attached pergolas, as their name implies, are installed directly on one of a home’s exterior walls so that the pergola acts as a natural extension of the home. A pergola from TEMO is a great addition to your home’s patio, providing the perfect spot to rest and relax on a hot summer day.

Explore Our High-Quality Pergolas

Our attached pergolas are made using heavy-duty extruded aluminum, so you can trust that it will remain securely attached to your home well into the future, even when faced with inclement weather conditions. Our pergolas also feature a unique electrostatic finish to prevent damage from scratching and impact, so it’ll look like new for years to come.

Our attached pergolas also boast a stylish design that homeowners love. They feature a snap-fit design, which eliminates the need for any unattractive screws sticking out. You are also sure to love our pergolas’ curved lattice roofs, which help to provide shade. You can select one of three Mediterranean-inspired column designs: Roma, Florentine, or Venetian. Additionally, you can choose white or sandstone for your pergola’s color.

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