Freestanding Pergolas Denver CO

Top-of-the-Line Freestanding Pergolas Crafted for Homeowners in Denver, CO

Freestanding Pergolas Denver COIs there an area of your front or backyard that you think could use a little sprucing up? If so, turn to TEMO. We offer freestanding pergolas that will add beauty and interest to any area of your property, whether that’s in the garden, over the hot tub, or on the patio. Plus, we have decades of experience crafting well-made outdoor living structures, so you can trust you’re choosing the right company to supply your pergola.

Find Out More About Our Pergolas

Why do homeowners choose TEMO when they want to have a pergola added to their property? Simply put, it’s because the quality of our products can’t be beaten. Our freestanding pergolas boast:

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Our own TEMKOR surfacing

These features work together to keep your pergola looking like new for years after it is installed. You won’t need to worry about maintaining your pergola either, as it won’t scratch, peel, chip, or otherwise become worn over time.

We Provide Incredible Warranty Protection

To keep your investment in your home protected for years to come, we offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty on all of our freestanding pergolas. You can feel good knowing that we’ve got you covered should any issues with your pergola ever arise.

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If you would like more information about the features of our freestanding pergolas, or how to have one installed at your Denver, CO, home, contact TEMO today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.