Studio Pavillions

Learn More about the Studio Pavilions that We Offer

Studio PavillionsDo you enjoy spending time outdoors with your family? If so, then you likely enjoy the fresh air and sunlight that your outdoor living area has to offer. However, you are also probably familiar with the nuisances of being outdoors, including harmful UV rays and the occasional inconvenient shower. What if there was a way to protect yourself from these elements without losing the sunlight that makes spending time outside so enjoyable?

As it turns out, this is all possible thanks to TEMO. We are happy to offer studio pavilions to homeowners across the country. These structures make it possible to protect yourself from UV rays and the rain without losing the natural light that the sun provides, giving you the best of both worlds. These structures offer:


You can choose attractive pergola trim options for your studio pavilion, which will provide a decorative look that your neighbors will envy. They also come in three standard colors, with an endless number of custom colors also available. You can even choose to upgrade your columns with a decorative base and cap.


Our pavilions are made using heave-gauge extruded aluminum that will easily withstand the elements without becoming damaged.

Incredible Warranty Protection

Our studio pavilions are backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty to keep your investment secure.

Contact TEMO today to speak with a knowledgeable product specialist about our industry-leading studio pavilions. We look forward to helping you create the perfect outdoor living area for your home!