Pricing and Return on Investment (ROI)

How Much Does it Cost?

As a custom home improvement project, the cost of a TEMO sunroom can range from approximately $10,000 to over $70,000, depending on the room size, style, features and foundation needs.

Your TEMO-authorized dealer is a professional in sunroom design and can help you choose the right sunroom to fit your home and your budget.

It’s never been easier to afford a sunroom with today’s lower interest rates, attractive refinancing options and special incentive and financing packages offered through many TEMO-authorized dealers.

Why Buy a TEMO Sunroom?

Among the many benefits and pleasures of owning a sunroom is making the most of the outdoors while eliminating almost all of the discomforts such as direct sunlight, inclement weather, insects and other drawbacks to being outside.

Homeowners choose a sunroom for the value and freedom it adds to their lifestyle, but a TEMO sunroom is also a smart financial investment, adding tangible value to your home on resale.

Sunroom additions rank in the top 7 home improvement projects, according to a recent Remodelors Council report. It adds more space to the home and increases the homes’ curb appeal on resale, helping the sunroom to return what realtors estimate as 70-100% of its original investment value, depending on location and other factors.

A quality sunroom is the most important factor for determining if your sunroom will achieve a high rate of investment return. A quality sunroom also means that it will look good and last a long time, providing a lifetime of use for a one-time investment.

A sunroom is also an attractive investment option over a traditional room addition (standard roof, studs, drywall, windows, electrical, integrated heating/cooling systems). After the foundation is complete, the sunroom can be assembled and installed in days – compared to the weeks or months of a traditional room addition – and at a fraction of the cost. Compared to an average cost of $80,000 or more for the standard room addition, the average TEMO sunroom can be built for approximately 10-15% of your home value.

In addition, your TEMO sunroom carries the industry’s strongest limited lifetime warranty – transferable to a new owner, which greatly increases the value of your TEMO sunroom, compared to many other sunrooms of lesser quality or warranty coverage.

The sunroom brings the outdoors to you with a flexible space of your own for exercise, family recreation, relaxation, a spa, computer room, sewing room… the list goes on. A sunroom is a healthy addition to a relaxing and stress-free lifestyle for the entire family.

With a TEMO sunroom, you’re investing in more than a sunroom… you’re investing in your heath and family life. Which should give you years of return on your investment and great peace of mind.