Engineering – Window Wall System

Treated aluminum extrusions
Treated aluminum extrusions

TEMO’s unique Window Wall System leads the industry in structural strength, insulation, durability and design. TEMO sunrooms are so structurally sound they are designed to withstand even hurricane-force winds. Custom-engineered for your room, TEMO pre-assembles our thermal Window Wall panels for easy installation on your home by your TEMO-authorized dealer. This system reduces installation time to just 1-2 days on an approved foundation.

TEMO Window Wall Engineering Includes These Standard Features:

  • Treated Aluminum Extrusions
    TEMKOR exterior surface bonded to a 2-lb-density thermal foam core using the SBA process
    TEMKOR exterior surface bonded to a 2-lb-density thermal foam core using the SBA process

    Provides superior skeletal structural strength and weather resistance.

    Exclusive interior/exterior indestructible polymer surface. Limited lifetime transferable warranty against scratching, denting, fading, chalking. TEMKOR blocks UV penetration that can cause other surface materials to delaminate from the insulation core.
  • SBA (Structural Bonding Agent)
    Molecular bonding process ensures lifetime seal of TEMKOR surfacing to Polystyrene insulating core.
  • Internal Weep System
    Internal system channels water away from the room.
  • 2-lb-Density Structural Thermal Foam Core
    EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) compressed to an industry-leading density for maximum thermal performance.

    Grand entrance door handle &, deadbolt lock system
    Grand entrance door handle &, deadbolt lock system
  • Dual Vinyl Bulb Seal
    Similar to a refrigerator seal, located at top and bottom channels, offers weather-tight and insect-resistant protection between the walls and the foundation, and between the walls and the roof.
  • Welded Corner & Dual Door Sweep Full-View Prime Entry Door
    Welded corners provide reinforcing commercial strength. Dual door sweeps increase the weather protection.
  • Grand Entrance Handle
    Residential quality, our elegant pitcher handle presents a grand welcome, with a sleek interior ball handle. Maintenance-free brass finish, won’t tarnish, corrode or discolor. High-security keyed exterior lock with 1-inch interior deadbolt.