A Spa Cabana Offers a Resort Atmosphere at Home

A spa cabana from TEMO may be just the product you have been looking for to expand your outdoor living space and create a resort-like look and feel right in your own backyard. As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of sunrooms and shade structures, we’re proud to offer spa enclosures designed for building your personal outdoor oasis. Our free-standing, 10’ x 12’ spa cabana features four posts and a solid roof, as well as optional curtains, so you can enjoy your spa with some extra privacy and protection against the elements. A cabana is also perfect for creating a spacious, shaded lounge area or private changing area near your pool. However you use it, a spa cabana can add an aura of elegance and luxury to your outdoor living space.

Just like the superior sunrooms, patio covers, and other patio products we’re so well known for, our cabanas boast an array of innovative features that offer outstanding durability, comfort, and beauty. Some highlights of a TEMO spa cabana include:

  • A heavy-duty, extruded aluminum frame
  • A maintenance-free finish
  • A thermal roof that provides protection against the elements and reflects heat with a specialized coating
  • Optional privacy curtains
  • An elegant design reminiscent of the cabanas you’d find at a beachside resort

If you are building a comfortable outdoor living area for spending time at home with family and friends, and want to relax and unwind in your own backyard just as you would at a lavish beach hotel, a TEMO spa cabana is the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more. We offer our spa cabanas to residents nationwide.