Enhance Your Hot Tub With a Starlight Glow Spa Cabana

TEMO Sunroom’s Starlight Glow spa cabana is the ideal outdoor living structure to place over your hot tub. The shining feature of this product is its skylights that allow you to bask in the sunshine during the day and take in the star-filled sky at night. Now that’s what we call making every day a vacation at your home!

Exceptionally Designed Cabanas

You won’t have trouble getting starry-eyed over our Starlight Glow spa cabanas because they offer a whole lot more than beautiful aesthetics, although that is one of the main reasons our customers love them so much. These cabanas are also exceptionally engineered, featuring:

  • Extruded aluminum – All of our products feature this outstanding material because we have found that it can vastly outperform roll-form aluminum, vinyl, and wood materials. It’s even hurricane and snow load rated!
  • Solid thermal roofs – Every Starlight Glow spa cabana is equipped with solid thermal roofs with four skylights that feature sun cooling technology. These roofs will deflect the sun’s heat for comfortable relaxation.
  • Florentine columns – The structure is supported by 6-foot Florentine columns that offer excellent structural integrity.
  • Electrostatic finishes – Choose a white, sandstone, or bronze finish to make your Starlight Glow cabana stand out in your backyard. These electrostatic finishes are low maintenance and require no annual upkeep.
  • Additional upgrades – Add LED lighting, curtains, and more to take your spa cabana to the next level of luxury.

Professional Installations

All of our products can be expertly installed by our team of qualified dealers. We have dealers located nationwide, and they will be happy to come to your home to install your Starlight Glow spa cabana. Often, they can complete this project in as little as one day, ensuring you can start enjoying your new addition sooner than you thought possible.

Contact TEMO Sunrooms today to learn more about our Starlight Glow spa cabanas. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and put you in touch with a TEMO dealer near you.